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La Maison du Ravioli Montreal
La Casa dei Ravioli is traditional pasta factory where you can find freshly made pasta such as meat or cheese ravioli and tortellini, medaglioni stuffed with ricotta and veal, cappelletti, cannelloni, gnocchi di patate and tagliatelle, but they don't stop there.

La Casa dei Ravioli Montreal

La Casa dei Ravioli can help you to discover the real pleasure of fresh pasta among the 80 different forms of pasta that they produce.

This business, locates at 2479 Charland in Montreal, was establish in 1975 by Joseph and Benito. During the first 5 years, they were located on the corner of Rome and Sabrevois streets. Soon this place became too small regarding the request of production and in 1980 they have move in a new 4,000 square feet space.
Now, the son of one of the founders is in charge of the management of production.

At the beginning, their customers were only Italians but today, the second generation of their clientele contains the Queboise, the Italians and other ethnic groups. Their team of 22 employees will welcome you with extraordinary smiles and warm-hearted service.

Inside the Casa dei Ravioli factory located service counter as well as forty different production machines, which produce their pasta. The house is divided into several working areas, and also has a conditioned room where they work with meats. Pasta fabricated and sold in the same day or one day later.
The customers who buy pasta from them have to use pasta at the same day of the purchase or to freeze it. The quality of this pasta is not even comparable with pasta from supermarkets.

They are also a supplying to more than 300 restaurants as well as hotels and receptions halls. What characters Casa dei Ravioli is the quality of their products. They cut, cook and season themselves their meat. They produce 300 to 400 kg of tortellini a day just with one of their machines. Their cannelloni are rolled by hand and the rest of the pasta is made with the help of machines.

They opened the Tuesday and Wednesday from 9 h to 17 h, the Thursday and Friday from 9 h to 20 h, the Saturday from 9 h to 17 h 00 and on Sunday from 9 h to 13 h.

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