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La maison du Ravioli
La Maison du ravioli
La Casa dei Ravioli is traditional pasta factory where you can find freshly made pasta.
Ask almost any Italian about pasta, and they'll mention this spot.
A client list of more than 300 restaurants has been built up since 1975.

La Casa dei Ravioli can help you to discover the real pleasure of fresh pasta.
Our specialties include meat or cheese ravioli and tortellini, medaglioni stuffed with ricotta and veal, cappelletti, cannelloni, gnocchi di patate and tagliatelle, but they don't stop there.

Find your favourite from the 80 shapes freshly made, take it home and find out what pasta is supposed to taste like.Our cannelloni are rolled by hand and the rest of the pasta is made with the help of machines.

La Casa dei Ravioli prides itself on product quality and insists on using only fresh products and natural foods avoiding the use of artificial colorings and preservatives.

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